RBApy is a Python package that enables creation and simulation of bacterial Resource Balance Analysis (RBA) models (Goelzer et al. Metab. Eng. 2015), and can be interfaced to Escher maps and Proteomaps for visualisation. The inputs needed in order to create an RBA model are an annotated metabolic reconstruction in Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) format and an Uniprot organism ID, which is used for automatic download and integration of macromolecular composition data into the model. The RBA model accurately captures the macromolecular composition of the cell, and can be refined indefinitely by adding cellular process definitions (such as translation, transcription, secretion, chaperoning etc.)

RBA models have already been developed for:

You can access these models here: link.


All the details on the installation of RBApy can be found here.


For details on how to find and use use the already existing RBA models, create new ones, how to modify and calibrate them and finally visualize the results, visit the usage site.